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City of Grants, NM

600 W. Santa Fe Ave, Grants, NM, 87020, US


List Your Location

If you are interested in listing your location as a filming location, complete the form below, add photos and submit it to the Film Office. 

If you need help in any way please contact the Film Office 505.287.7927 ext. 2004. 

Photo Tips:

Photo Tips: Natural features, places of interest, bridges, and roadways, urban, farms, housing, mainstreets, sports facilities, industrial, factories, vacant places, neighborhoods, day and night, all four seasons. 

Exterior shots: take wide shots, a reverse shot, pano shots, street shots, shots that cover all angles of the entire site (front to back), this will give the production a feel for what the entire area looks like (need to know that for the ability to place equipment, dress the locations, potential sound issues, parking issues, so many things), including any unique features.

  • Interior shots: shoot 3 or 4 main rooms inside the property – also use wide shots, one or two images per room.
  • Title each image file accordingly. (Ex: NM Front Yard, NM Theater)
  • Photos should be in JPEG format, 500KB, Medium resolution, - smartphones nowadays have great photo-taking capabilities and there are tons of tutorials online to learn how to take photos from your specific phone, make, and model. Just be sure not to apply any fancy filters or shoot in any shapes (like a square – often used for Instagram)
  • Include information on the photos: address (village/town/city, county, region), contact info (phone/email), brief description, usage restrictions, permit requirements, website or social media handle
  • The photos in the database will be downloadable so please ensure that the photos are right free.
  • If there is a link to an existing library of photos for your area please send that over as well.
  • Don’t take detailed shots of doors, fixtures, or flora and fauna. Don’t take excessive pictures. 
  • At this time, please don’t send a video. 
  • Don’t send slide shows, pdfs, or word docs of photos.

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